IRS and DOJ Have Begun Making Identity Theft Arrests

Well, alright then!!   The Justice Department has targeted 105 people in 23 states, in a coast to coast initiative, involving the potential theft of “thousands of identities,” according to Accounting Today.

We have attached the IRS page outlining the arrests and indictments, all within the past week or so.  What is up with Montgomery, Alabama?  I can understand New York City, simply because of its sheer size.  But Alabama?

An interesting twist here, is that the Department of Justice, as part of this investigation, also conducts investigations of check cashing enterprises, in and around the target area.  It would appear then, that perhaps Identity Thieves are requesting paper refunds rather than electronic, and check cashing outlets are therefore a convenient way to cash the checks.  Bad stuff, and one can only imagine how widespread this is.

Well, my congratulations to the IRS, FBI, and Department of Justice on a job well done.  I have seen nothing in the mainstream media, and I hope this gets out there quick, so that future would be thieves know that the IRS is on this.

Identity Theft Busts, January 2012

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