Welcome Commissioner Nunnelly!

I think changes are coming at the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, and I will tell you why.

At a recent seminar in Boston, a former head of DOR audit was discussing what appears to be pending changes at the DOR. Specifically, early retirement for several of the Deputy Commissioners. Now, this presenter (again a former DOR guy) didn’t seem thrilled about it, however, isn’t that the problem? I don’t think any tax practitioner would disagree that the culture at the DOR is very negative, and frankly parochial. Appeals has been basically a rubber stamp for the audit division, and collections? Well this computer doesn’t have enough hard drive space for my thoughts on that division. So I like the idea of pending change.

I was recently at a fundraiser for Governor Baker, who I think is off to a great start as Governor of the Commonwealth, and I was talking to a couple of friends about my desire to invite the new Commissioner out to Western MA for a presentation to tax practitioners. I was skeptical, but they both not only thought I should try, but both said that he would accept. I resorted to the bridge in Brooklyn scenario and whether either friend was interested.

In a nutshell, I extended an invitation dated July 14th for Commissioner Nunnelly to come out to speak to a group of Western MA tax practitioners at Western New England University School of Law, and his Chief of Staff, Mike Rybicki, responded affirmatively three days later! Yes, this is clearly a different type of Commissioner.

As the date is set and draws near….more to come!!

Thank you Commissioner Nunnelly, and Chief of Staff Rybicki.

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